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Our philosophy

Milestone is an operational marketing agency specializing in sports, gaming, culture and mass audience events.
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Thanks to an extensive network of talented service providers who are experts in their fields, Milestone is able to produce events that live up to every customer's expectations. With its loyal circle of partners, the agency is able to set up and produce any type of event.

An agency on a human scale, and one that will remain so !

Our work at Milestone is based on the complementary skills and expertise of each team member. Above all, it's a blend of passion, experience, talent and professionalism.

The agency's watchwords to guarantee a successful event are: exacting standards, rigor, know-how, mastery, responsiveness and flexibility. We are an agency that spontaneously adapts to the size of each project.

Red bull Cliff Diving La Rochelle
Gotaga On Tour - La Rochelle
Cliff Diving Saint Raphael

A production strategy for every project

Milestone is a circle of expert, professional people from a wide range of fields, working together to deliver events tailored to a client's needs.

Project management is first and foremost a team effort, and we know just how much sharing expertise and skills can boost performance and ensure success.

Our agency's strength lies in its network. We know our partners and their strengths, so we can respond to a wide range of requests.

Our expertise : the production of events by building a team around a project (technical management, freelancers, service providers, etc.) 

Our promise : to deliver an event within a defined budgetary framework. 

Our guarantee : to constantly adapt to your project and your objectives.


15 years' experience with advertisers !
It's so much easier to understand each other : we know the codes !


Milestone, Because the key to a smoothly-run successful event is to respect important, clearly-defined and indispensable stages.