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Gotaga On Tour

Gotaga, one of the most influential personalities on Twitch, organized a tour of 4 major French cities in 2019 (La Rochelle on 11th October, Marseille on 23rd November, Lille on 1st December and Paris on13th December) to thank and meet his fans during the Gotaga On Tour.

Key figures

  • Between 2000 and 5000 tickets sold on each stage of the tour (sold-out venues in each city)
  • 2500 spectators at the final show in the Grand Rex in Paris
  • +10 professional FORTNITE players facing off in a competition
  • 30,000€ cash prize for the winner of the competition, BadSniper
  • A peak of 60,000 simultaneous viewers on Gotaga's twitch channel

Our assignments

  • Set-up of a technical structure that could be replicated and relocated in each city
  • The technical management required for a gaming event: sound, lighting, video, internet...
  • Managing the supply of power and network flows for LANs
  • The definition of a branding plan dedicated to each city and each venue used
  • Managing the public in each city
  • Safety and rescue management